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The Lost and Found of Roleplayers' Journal
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Date:2013-12-12 23:51
Subject:Looking for a Lost Player?

I'm Rain and Lunair on HeroMux and I'm wondering where a friend went. He played Venom briefly and had an OC named Jonnie Carmichal (Silver Ghost).

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Date:2013-05-11 02:51
Subject:Anyone from BSSM, Neo-Silver Moon (NSM) MUX, or Mystic Moon/Forgotten Shadows?

Hey all,

I'm wondering if there's anyone out there from BSSM (I used to be Pandora and Osaka Naru), Neo-Silver Moon (can't remember for certain, but likely Pandora and/or Osaka Naru as well), or Mystic Moon/Forgotten Shadows (I used to be Moonstone for my staff name and I can't remember my PC's name, he owned a bar though). While I'm at it, if anyone recognizes the name Shino Tenshi from a BattleTech MUD/MUX, it'd be great to hear from you too :) I tend to only check in at LiveJournal a couple times a year, so it may take a while for me to respond if you send a message, but I'll reply when I do receive it.

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Date:2013-05-05 15:45
Subject:My List

I'll try to list most of the places I've been, and my main characters there.

Trinity: A World Reborn — Sara
My first MU*. I was terrible. My first pose was something like:
Sara waves
Sara says, "hi"
People were incredibly patient with me and I learned how to roleplay by their example. For this reason I always try to be patient with new people and pay it forward.

Altered Dimensions 3 — Naomi
Awesome place. Naomi was basically a clean-up and port of Sara.
This place, and Foxfire in particular, will always be close to my heart.

Teenagers from Outer Space — Jen
Yeah, I was a complete jerk here. I was a spazzy emotional teenager who did not understand comedy.
I am pleased that this place is still going.

Mega Man MUSH — Templar, Kelly M(a?)cLaren
I got to play both a robot Space Marine and the Secretary General of the UN.
I was also a spaz here. Same problem as TFOS: I took it waaaaaaay too "seriously". I had crazy emo meltdowns every few weeks.
But hey! I wrote a bunch of UN history! And a constitution! And UN Supreme Court cases! … I am cringing so hard right now.

Rifts: Journey Into The Unknown — Sara
Not the same Sara.
I think I did okay here. Some good times. I remained shockingly oblivious to the Rifts universe, though; it wasn't until after literally years of roleplaying here that I realized it was set on Earth, and in fact in North America.

AI MUX Artemis
This place was really cool. An original anime-style setting with Big Eyes, Small Mouth as the system. Sadly, it closed down and never reopened.
The basic idea: takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, specifically a sort of underground city. (I think it was underground.) It goes in color-coded levels, with increasing pollution and poverty the deeper you go. Mixed human/robot population, with robots mostly as an underclass. (Cute/dark touch: robots are mostly in the lower levels, both because they're oppressed and because with all the pollution only they can really survive down there.) One interesting detail: there was basically no metal available, so almost everything had to be plastic.

In Nomine: Brass & Steel — Ann (Animus)
I really liked this place. I'm also quite pleased with Ann's overall story arc. It was one time when the MU* closed down and it seemed appropriate: Ann and her angel friend had resolved a lengthy and somewhat intense arc and were poised to start another one. It was a good time to fade to black. (Even though, as I understand it, there were unfortunate reasons behind the closing.)

Tenebrae — Triren, Umien
This place has been around forever.
I started as Triren, an angry half-elf psycho, around 2001. My friends had claimed that I only ever played sane, nice characters, so I played Triren, who was a complete monster.
I was a little dismayed to come back and find that there were now TONS of foul-mouthed jerk characters.

I recently returned, and apped Umien. She's basically Sailor Moon as a paladin, complete with magic sparkles and intro sequences. She serves the moon goddess.

The Brave and the Bold — Xiphos
I actually really liked Xiphos. Her basic concept was essentially the same as the one I used for Artemis on AI MUX, but she was definitely her own character.
BnB apparently had some weird drama stuff going on behind the scenes that I never got involved in, but it was a lot of fun, and there were some great roleplayers there.
I recently finished watching Young Justice, and it brought back memories. I was like, "Oh! Arsenal! I remember him! AND CHESHIRE OMG"

Devilshire — Amy, Chris, Quintus
A Buffyverse MU* set on the east coast. I thought it was pretty cool. There was some drama behind the scenes, but it was very well-run and (IMO) the generally-better players ended up running it. Marley/Tim are very fine roleplayers and, though each possessed of their pet attitudes, generally pretty reasonable. I would not object at all to a universe in which all MU* admin are about like that: not perfect, but not insane.

Amy — Robo-cheerleader / terminator who says "Yuh huh!" a lot. In retrospect, I think I messed this character up: I made her sunny and pleasant and dreadfully dull/annoying. I think she would have been better as a less-virtuous, less-positive character, more of a Cordelia personality. She's meant to be funny, but I think she'd be a lot funnier if she were also more hateable, if that makes sense. If another Buffyverse place ever opens up, I might try that, with a different name.

Chris Harget — A manly businessman/politician who runs a sporting goods store. (A nice fellow had posted up an ad requesting someone app the brother of his character, and I agreed to do so.) Kind of fun in that he was like this Republican uptight not-so-bad-but-kinda-smallminded character.

Quintus — Lost-in-time Roman who's now a Classics professor. I thought he was fun. The MU* closed down, though, before I really got to roleplay him much.

MUSH Effect — Sisi Steltek
This place closed pretty fast. Nice MU*, with very progressive app policies, although I felt the Mega Man-style combat system (with "moves", "energy", and all that sort of thing) was a bit awkward.
Sisi is an itinerant rogue daughter of a crime family. The initial idea I had for her was "space ninja". So she's really really really good at a bunch of fighting techniques that are pretty much irrelevant in the modern era: shoulder-throws and spin-kicks and swordfighting and things like that. (The idea is that her family is carrying on an ancient Terran martial arts tradition and has since before spaceflight.)

It's a shame this place closed; the head admin just ran out of time. I was a little dismayed that they refused offers to take it over, and instead insisted on deleting everything. Seemed wasteful in a "taking my marbles and going home" way.

Mass Effect: Legends — Sisi Steltek
I'm helping to open this place up. I started it after MUSH Effect closed, because as I wrote above I thought it was dumb to abandon a setting that was going great.
It's starting off a bit before the end of the first Mass Effect game, timeline-wise. I think it could be pretty awesome.

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Date:2013-01-29 07:01

So, I've played in a few places over the years, but most of the folks I remember will be from:

* Mednights - I was Ehron here during the early/mid 2000s- I believe after this iteration of the game petered out another rose. Was great fun.

* Into the Black - I was Estragon here, part of the crew of the Golden Hind (which actually had its own LJ group).

* Shadowrun: Seattle - Again, many iterations of this game ago, I was Ehron for the first time. Looooong time ago now, mostly in the late 90s, stopped playing here in 2001 or so I think.

* Rise From Chaos - Another paleo character here; Corvus Lynx, a spoiled, bratty dragon hatchling who generally made an ass of himself despite being heaped with good treatment til everyone got sick of his shit.

Also played on a number of StarWars games back in the 90s, usually as Ragnor or Lynx. Think those names were unique to me, not sure.

Is there anybody out there?

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Date:2012-06-08 18:11

Let's see if this old codger can remember them all, it's been quite a while....

Ambermush: Bardon & Jindai
PatternFall Mush: Bleys
Mine Mux: Quicksilver & Sinister
XET: Ghost Rider (The second to play that role)
Brave & the Bold: Dr Fate & Creeper
Dark Wine & Roses: Bardon & Karma
Dublin WoD Mux: Urghur
Marvel Mux whose name I can't remember: Namor (patron of the New Warriors)

It's definitely possible that I've forgotten a few. :)

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Date:2012-05-23 10:46

I was the last Cassandra Cain/Batgirl on the Brave and the Bold mud. (not to be confused with the television program) Miss ya'll. Wish we could play again.

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Date:2012-04-30 07:45
Subject:Old superhero MUX'er reporting!
Mood: optimistic

Hey all,

Reading the posts in this community has sure been a trip down memory lane! When I think about how many nights I used on this hobby (and I'm European, so I do mean nights in the literal sense of the word), I think I know who I didn't get a better exam in college. :)

I exclusively played at superhero themed MUX'es, starting around 1997. And I'm still around, on-off... I guess that's one hobby I'll never quite let go of. :) The dynamics of tex-based RPG is something I still haven't stumbled upon in any other types of RPG.

My track record (in alphabetical order)
CrisisMUX (CMX): Guy Gardner (GL), Owner
DC Legends (DCL): Superman, Speedy, Staff, Guy Gardner (GL)
DCU MUSH: Warrior
Heroes & Villains (H&V): Guy Gardner, (GL) Superman, Staff
JLU MUX: Elongated Man, Baron Blitzkrieg
Marvel X-Treme (MXT): Doc Samson, Moon Knight
MetaMUX (MMX): Guy Gardner (GL), Ursa Major
Millenium Heroes MUX (MHMX): Warrior (Guy Gardner), -Captain Marvel-, Staff
Super-MUX: Warrior, (Guy Gardner) Staff (NOTE: Was revamped and eventually became MHMX)
Zero Hour MUX: Blue Beetle, Warrior (Guy Gardner)

And there are still games out there! I'm currently making a comeback in a game that looks promising, Comic Adventures MUX. A few years ago, I played on a game called JLU MUX, very nice place, but unfortunately, it's becomes somewhat of a ghost town. I guess that's how it goes.

I wonder if there are any of my old friends who'll read this. I'm particularly thinking of Cabbit (you know who you are), Wally from H&V, (different) Wally from DCL/Cyclops from MHMX, Jesse Quick from H&V, Diana from H&V, Meggan from H&V, Harley from MHMX adn finally Naomi form H&V. Feel free to drop a note, also drop me a not if you played at one of these games and interacted with me or just remember me fom the good, old days.

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Date:2012-04-01 21:06
Subject:Devilshire ... "alumni"?
Mood: curious

I saw this mentioned on Gateway.  I haven't been MU*ing much at all lately, but I might have a little more time soon.

Anyway, I was Amy/Chris/Quintus on Devilshire.  Anyone else from Devilshire out there?

It was a fun place.  I'd like to play a similar setting sometime: a modern setting with monsters and magic mixed casually in, without too much seriousness.  I found myself thinking today that I never really played Amy properly.  I generally felt like I was surrounded by better roleplayers over there, which on balance is a good thing.

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Date:2012-02-02 17:35
Subject:Paging lost Wing Commander: Red Horizon players

Or anyone who is looking for some fairly straight-forward sci-fi setting RP - I've created a new game that's now in its second month that's in the same "canon" as Wing Commander: Red Horizon, a quite popular MUSH that closed in 2002.

http://www.wcmush.com/ is the website and wcmush.com 2199 is the address - whether you're a WC:RH vet or not, if you're interested in sci-fi, we'd love to see you and tell you more about our game. :)

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Date:2011-09-24 16:07
Subject:Is this thing on? :)

Wow, finding this group rather late...think most people have probably stopped checking MU*s or LJ by now, but here goes a shot in the dark to hopefully find old friends and to test how much I've forgotten:

Full Circle MUX:

JuJuBees -- Insane sleep deprived staffer/coder.
Reinholt (Travis Reinholt) -- Chemist / martial artist / mage
Tranz (Matthias Longwood) -- slacker / hacker / trouble magnet.

AtlanticCity By Night:

Puck (Briefly helped with server and code issues and maybe Changeling at startup).

DC By Night: Not sure if this was the right name honestly...

Atari: Mortal+ staffer
Trent: demon tainted rogue ghoul

-- Also played a revised Trent on another MUX by Pioughd and Saffron
that used rules that was based more off LARP rules than 2nd ed WoD.

Ashes to Ashes MUX

Ruford -- Early staff help...Think it was several months after I was
gone that the place re-opened elsewhere.

DevilShire MUX:

Joe (Joe Marino aka Joe the Plumber) -- ever so briefly...


...and I actually forget my codestaff name from there, but any Treyvan
coders feel free to say hi :)...



Nails MUCK:


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Poster:Ryan Butters
Date:2011-08-19 01:51
Subject:I miss that old school Star Wars mushing
Mood: nostalgic

I was a die hard mush addict between 1996 and 2002, when I finally hung up my mush hat for good.

I almost exclusively played Star Wars mushes, though I had toons on many, many others - none received the playtime afforded my SW characters.

Anyone remember any of these guys?

SW3 (Minos Cluster) 1996-97

Nikto, spacer/trader, and proud owner of the YT-1300s Steel Shamrock and Void Blur. I still name ships Void Blur in any gaming opportunities that allow it. =)

Silvin, gun for hire, worked for the long lived criminal syndicate The Company.

SW2 (A New Threat) 1996-2000

Nikto Talos, Rebel admiral, one time commander of the Viceroy Fleet, a pirate/privateer flotilla.

Khalim, Dark Jedi apprentice to Emperor Palpatine, player feature character for a few years.

I was also Space Wiz for like 3 days at once point. I don't even remember how I got the job. "Just come do it, no coding experience necessary, you just make ships for people!" It didn't quite work that way. =)

SW Uprising 1999-various ups and downs, now under different ownership

I was Xenon, head builder and co-founder of Star Wars: Uprising. A fellow SW2 player (Tarison) and I broke out on our own and managed a moderate level of success before the struggles of populating a mush in the post golden age era just got to be too much. Still, SWU is among the highlights of my mush experience.

There's lots more, though names escape me. I remember Star Wars Legacy (I believe it was, perhaps Legacies) to have an exceptionally talented group of roleplayers, and remember being shocked when it suddenly closed down.

Star Wars: Beyond Chaos back in 1996 was one of the most fun, and at the same time most dysfunctional SW mushes I remember playing. I was particularly sad when that one went under. So much happened there.

Brak Sector was another that broke the mold.

Now I'm feeling all nostalgic, I guess there's a couple hours of googling ahead of me.

I just wish I had logs, any at all, from those old days. =(

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Date:2011-08-09 11:14
Subject:Buffyverse peeps!

Hey all!

After a long break from roleplaying, I've been looking back with a lot of fondness for the games I played and the people I played them with, and I'm wondering...well, where'd they all go?! I wanna get back in touch, and tell some amazing stories again, yeah?

I played for a year-ish on Banyan Tree and its short-lived successor Chatham County as Eddie and Lucas Laramie, vampire punks who managed to piss off just about everybody, endear themselves to a special few, and (in Eddie's case anyway) blow shit up. I miss the whole crew, and I don't think I ever managed to find any of you again!

I also (briefly) played Geoffrey on Devilshire, a painfully awkward half-demon with an unfortunate love for Aquaman and scaring the shit out of beachgoers. I made a few good friends here in the OOC lounge, but Devilshire is gone without a trace! Did I miss something?

If you remember me, drop me a line! If you're playing somewhere-- or at all interested in starting something non-WoD up-- let me know! I desperately miss the snark and the zany supernatural hijinks, f'r realz.

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Date:2011-06-29 00:55
Subject:Nostalgia...searching for some players!

I was chatting with someone and had some nostalgia for old MU*'s come up and would love to reconnect with some of the players there!

I played:

Aether I

Aether II

Hogwarts Express
Percy Sullivan -- If anyone knows how to get in touch with Hiroshi-player, I would be forever grateful!

Maddock MUX
St. John -- Particularly looking for Mariah-player
Ghost Hawk


Those are the big ones that I can remember. There were a bunch of X-Men/DC-flavored games where I played Nightcrawler, Angel (Warren), Havok, Forge, Green Arrow, Nightwing, Daredevil...

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Date:2011-05-06 23:00
Subject:woah, M*ing nostalgia

Hi everyone. I've just been hit by a severe bout of M*ing nostalgia, and thought I would post on the off-chance that I might find people I used to play with. I was active in World of Time-theme games, as well as Aether MUSH (among others), from about 1996 to 2002ish. My most RPd characters:

Obri (Aes Sedai)
Gabriel (Warder)
many others of no real note.

Aether MUSH:
Israfel (Empyrian; a sickly layabout for years, then briefly a member of the Praetorian guard, until Aether died.)
Zaïd (Agni-Haidar merchant)

Mirrors (WoT-themed Cold):
Merteuil Damodred (head of House Damodred)
Rigel (administrator)
several others of no real note.

Tel'aran'rhiod (short-lived WoT MOO)
Car'a'Carn (game co-creator and chief admin)

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? I miss those games, man.

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Date:2011-04-25 18:29
Subject:Wow, a place to find old people!

Yup. I've been MU*ing in some form for years, I realize.

Games I've played on, and this is not an exhaustive list:

ATS TrekMUSH (Penta)
Battletech 3056 MUSE and plenty of other BTech sites since (John Penta)
Battlestar MUSH (Colonial DB and post-original-series DB): Penta, Jupiter
SW1 MUSH: Penta (or possibly John Penta) (was briefly faction head of the Griffons)
Wing Commander: Red Horizons MUSH and its follow-ons: John Penta

Starting to see a theme?:P

Other games I remember playing on (all as Penta or some variation, I was unoriginal!):
Highseas MUX
Shadowrun Seattle MUSH/MUX

Probably other games too, but I've been on so many I've lost count.

Currently, I'm Nick (previously...Penta) on Ansible MOO, where I've played since 2005.

I really grew up on MU*s, and as I crawl towards 30, it'd be fun to find people who remember me and catch up.

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Date:2011-04-09 19:47
Subject:Mostly Changeling Player, '98-'01 ish
Mood: nostalgic

Dunno if anyone's still watching this, but I found some old scene logs today and am overcome with nostalgia. So here's a list of the characters and places I can remember.

City of Darkness:
Angelique (in 1994) - on the off-chance that Tor-Michael's player is out there...

The Dreaming 2:
Rhiannon - The stereotype I didn't realize was a stereotype at the time: Irish Catholic runaway satyr teenager
Angelique - Mortal

Emerald Dreams:
Jake/Joanna - Selkie with more perils than Pauline
Rowan - Mortal
Val - Troll
Carrie - Gwydion Sidhe
Goldberry - Changeling admin

Something Wicked This Way Comes:
Jake - Moved to Santa Barbara after a tragedy
Marisol - Ailil Sidhe posing as Fiona
Rowan - Mortal, later Toreador

There are probably lots others--I was the queen of alts for a time.

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Date:2010-11-05 16:14

 Well it has been quite a long time.  I was re-reading the books recently and I still to this day use the name Cyrom in various places on the internet, but I decided to search nostalgically for Angreal Moo.

Angreal MOO I and II: Jerim and Cyrom were the main two.  There were a couple others.

There were other Mu* But I mostly used these names there as well.

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Date:2010-10-26 22:07
Subject:Saying "hi"
Mood: hopeful

On a trip down memory lane, I was drawing an old character of mine. Idly, I was considering some of the players with whom I interacted regularly. That led me here. I thought I'd shout out to anyone who might remember.

Now let's see how good my memory is! This is by no means a complete list, but these are some that stand out.

The Dreaming MUSH
Rheem, Cherrie Bahm, Mins, Chevesche, Sunny, Gianni

Emerald Dreams
Dindanni, Hecate

Twin Cities by Teatime
Rene, Gianni(?) he had a dog named Spooge, I recall

Black Gate MUX
Jean, Fou Lu, Ranma, Yoh, Sakura, Anko

Damn Ninja MUX
Kiba, Tsunade, Natsumi

Bleached MUX
Orihime, Akon

Final Fantasy MUX
Mikoto, Brahne, Pacce (all years ago, left for a few years)

Currently I play on Final Fantasy MUX as Zidane, Blaze, and Vossler. I dabble over on Wasteland MUX with Deis. So, if anyone recognizes these names, hi! I'm still alive and kicking. I hope you're doing well.

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Date:2010-09-09 15:41

I've been MU*ing for more than 15 years and this is by no means a complete list.

Qwest / Delusions / Legacy - as Evergreen

AuroraMUSH / MUSH  - as Aphrael, I've also been admin on several games under that name

SW1 (StarWars) - Briale, Rhannak -- I can put you in contact with Kiare/Jeymian and I also know Webb

CrystalDreams - Kiare, Moira, Darby, Akina, Caliph -- can put you in touch with Elysiana

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Date:2010-08-04 15:36
Subject:Super major long shot, but..

I was Nora on TheDreaming MUSH

and even longer ago than that,

Charlotte on Full Circle, it was a MUSH set in Florida.


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